DarkRoom Wizard Functions:

DarkRoom Wizard®

Review by:   Joe Farace, July, 1999

A Computer In The Darkroom.

PhotoSoft System's Darkroom Wizard software is the best reason I've found to place a computer in a conventional "wet" darkroom. Since Darkroom Wizard runs on Windows 3.1, as well as Windows 95, 98 and 2000, you can install it on any of the inexpensive Intel computers that are being offered at literally giveaway prices at used computer stores and the growing number of discount operations specializing in older technology, brand-name computers.

You can use Darkroom Wizard's film and paper tests feature to keep track of your Zone System testing. Using this section of the program to store information on film developer used, N value, as well as developer temperature and time.

Darkroom Wizard's Process Control section handles up to 25 steps (in case you're working with esoteric processes, such as Cyanotype) being able to specify user-selectable drain times for each phase of processing, and an optional pause at the end of each step. There's even a user-definable sound that can be played at the end of each phase.

There are six time clocks and each one can count up or down from a preset time. A built-in digital metronome can be used to help you time any burning and dodging you need to do for a specific image.

One of the program's coolest features is "New Print Size" that calculates the time needed to make a new print based on the size and time of your original. There's all kinds of mix conversion functions that can calculate the mixture percentage of a concentrated solution diluted with another solution or water, along with the ability to calculate the amount of concentrate and water needed to create a specific solution at a given dilution percentage.

2018 UPDATE -- Version 4.0 for the iPad has almost all of the features mentioned with exception of Alarms (built-in on the iPad, and the Metronome). Version2.1 for Windows works well on Windows 10)


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